Briquette Plant Project Manufacturer

We the (RADHE) offer a best and excellent quality range of Briquetting machine, Briquetting Plant, Biomass Briquetting Plant, Briquetting Press , Fuel Briquettes Plant, Fuel Briquetting Plant, Briquette Machine, Briquette Press because our heavy structure body have a best technical system and have low cost operating while the briquetting process. We are manufacturing 85 to 90 % of the machine parts inhouse in our factory with highly technological machineries.

Biomass Briquetting Plant Manufacturer India

There are a large number of briquetting plant manufacturer who are engaged in the manufacturer of briquetting equipment. These manufacturers are proficient in the briquetting machine design to offer their clients optimum performance. Briquette machine manufacturers are also considered to be briquetting plant suppliers which include briquetting press manufacturers. There are however coal briquettes manufacturers spread across the length and breadth of the country. The briquette plant generates a fuel that produces an ideal substitute for the traditional fuels. There is also an extensive use across a broad spectrum of the manufacturing industries like boilers, kilns and furnaces.

Function of Bio Coal Plant

A Briquetting plant is required essentially for the conversion of waste collected from forestry, industries and agriculture in a fuel that is cylindrical in shape which is acquired through the use of high pressure without the use of any type of chemical. India plants also produce plants machinery especially briquettes plant and biomass briquette plant.

A coal briquetting machine in the Bio coal plant use a coal briquetting machine produce solid fuel from waste which in fact saves the traditional energy resources and have proved to be more economical in every manner.

Advantages of Bio Mass Fuels

Further biomass briquettes averts the fossil fuel from being a part of the atmosphere which have led to a major transition in the industrial sector where there is a widespread use of briquettes instead of the conventional furnace oil in order to save prohibitive costs. There is an urgent requirement for exploring the potentiality of biomass fuels which has not as yet been done to its fullest extent.

Briquetting Plant

  • High profitability on investment
  • Short gestation and quick pay back
  • 100% Depreciation on plant and machineries during first year.
  • NO pollution as it does not emit phosphorous and Sulphur fumes and contains law ash content

Company Overview

Pride Service of Successfully 21 Years in Briquetting Press Manufacturing field

“The only true measure of our own “Success” is the degree to which we are able to contribute to the excellence of our customers needs through manufacturing easy to operate world class technological product through economical and cost effective practices.”

RADHE INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION was promoted under strong, dynamic and very well experienced leadership of Mr. Prakash A. Patel the principal of the firm has been actively engaged in Briquetting Plant Manufacturing field for over one and half decade and have final installation, RADHE INDUSTRIAL CORPORATIONs focus is on the customer. The only true measure of our own Success is the degree to which we are able to contribute to the excellence of our customers needs through manufacturing easy to operate Biomass Briquetting Press product through economical and cost effective practices.

Company has engaged large team of well experienced engineers and supervisors to keep constant watch on each and every stage of briquetting machine production.

We are pleased to introduce you to Rahdhe Industrial Corporation and its products. Since its inception in 1994, Radhe Industrial Corporation has been a pioneer in manufacturing of Briquetting Plants. First-generation entrepreneur Mr. Prakash A. Patel laid the foundation stone for Radhe Industrial Corporation under his visionary and dynamic leadership in 1994. From the time when RICO’s foundation stone was laid till now, it has achieved number of milestones under his adept leadership, including successful installation and operation of over 250 briquetting plants. For the company, customer satisfaction and quality is delivered through rigorous R & D, strict production quality and easy installation with excellent aftersales service.