Biomass Briquetting Plant is The Fuel of 21st Century

Biomass briquetting plant is the project of renewable energy and ideal bio fuel which is gain from agriculture waste or forestry waste. Under this project we can get bio fuel which is also known as white coal because it does not pollute atmosphere when it burns.

Fuel is the very prime need of every country and biomass briquetting plant through we can generate ideal bio fuel which is completely Eco pleasant and pollution free. The demand of this plant is increasing day by day so now it becomes the ideal fuel of 21st Century through we can create prosperous environment. Biomass Briquetting Plant

Fossil fuels like lignite, coal, gas etc… are very expensive and creates polluted environment which is very harmful to the environment. So to reduce the carbon emission and other fossil fuels impacts biomass briquette plant is invented. It is the best substitute to bio coal and other fossil fuels. Biomass briquette plant is designed and manufactured to process agriculture waste, forestry waste and industrial waste and convert them into useful briquettes. These briquettes are used in various industries as well as home for cooking.

Huge availability of agro residues across the world, so there are many briquetting machinery are designed to process on these materials. This biomass briquette machines are designed and engineered upon the properties and quality of raw material to be proceed which is easily available in the surrounding area where the briquetting plant is going to be installed. The unique facet of biomass briquette plant is however that it runs without any chemical or binder. This machine binds the wasted material under high pressure. It does not require any other external source to compress the raw material so this technology is known as binder less technology.

Let’s look some benefits of biomass briquette plant which is become fuel of 21st century within a time frame of two years.

  • Rising demand due to increasing cost of fossil fuels
  • Economically viable
  • Tax benefits and Incentives
  • Renewable and biodegradable fuel
  • Economical and cheaper than other solid fuels

Government Encourages Biomass Briquette Plant Project

Government Encourages Biomass Briquette Plant project so that people now switch over towards the use of biomass briquettes. You can find any details of Government’s relaxation and incentives on briquetting plant project, here. Government encourages this project more and more due to its Eco friendly features.

Briquetting PlantBriquetting plant project is related to bio energy.  Under this project the company will produce biomass briquettes which are also known as ‘White Coal’ in the industry. The bio fuel is produced from agriculture waste and on burning does not create any pollution. Biomass briquetting plant India is the great project for the need of renewable energy in future and renewable energy sources are hope of our upcoming generation’s better future.

Biomass briquetting plant project is more preferable in India as well as in foreign countries. State subsidy for biomass briquette plant in India is varies depends upon government taxes.

Government Fiscal incentives:

The Indian Government has offered various incentives for implementation of the biomass briquette plant project. Some of the highlights of the incentives which is offered by the Indian Government for biomass briquette machine.

  • 100% income tax free for the First five years
  • A subsidy of 35% on the cost of the plant is provided by the Government
  • 80% depreciation on Capital cost in the First years itself
  •  No necessity of NOC from State pollution Boards

Due to Subsidy for biomass briquetting plant in India, benefits and profitability on this project is great. Being Agriculture country, India have abundance source of agro raw material which can be useful as raw material in briquetting plant which can replace wood, black coal, lignite and so on.

Renewable energy related source said that there are up to 20% Subsidy for biomass briquette press. One can get back the total investment in just 1 year which is spent on briquetting plant set up and the profit ratio is moreover constant.

For biomass briquetting project, the banks and other financial organizations used to offer valuable loans. Along with bank, the State Government is also giving subsidy up to 35% of the total plant investment in states like Gujarat, Tamilnadu, Maharashtra, Hariyana, Rajasthan, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, etc…

If you are interested in this project “Subsidy for Biomass Briquetting Plant in India”, then you can find various briquetting plant manufacturers on the internet who can give you superior quality biomass briquetting machinery as per your requirement.

Biomass Briquette Machine Providing Solution on Environmental Crisis

                             Got Waste? Then make biomass briquettes now. Biomass briquette press is a specially designed machine for making biomass waste into useful briquette which is a green fuel. Environment pollution is the serious problem of every country and this machine is providing various solutions on the environmental crisis which you can find here.

            Biomass Briquette MachineThe biomass briquette machine can not only be used for making biomass fuel, but also used for solve our environmental problem. I think it is the best way to make our environment cleaner and greener. To make our life more convenient and much better various briquette plant manufacturers are using latest technology to make this machinery with the purpose of earn money and give healthy environment to world.

Manufacturing Process of Biomass Briquetting Machine

  1. All the type of waste or raw materials is gathered and put it into crusher for crushing them into small pieces.
  2.  If the raw material contains 25 to 50 mm then it has to be crushed in the crusher.
  3. The material which contains 01 to 25 mm size then put it into hammer mill for makes powder form of these materials.
  4. Some raw materials contain 10 to 12% moisture then it is necessity to put it into dryer for drying the raw materials.
  5. Then these dried materials are fed into biomass briquette press under large pressure and convert them into biomass briquettes
  6. This whole process is Eco-pleasant because it does not contain any chemical.

                                       Briquetting plant is a newest technology to make briquettes from green waste. It is solution of our environmental problems and used itself as a sustainable and carbon-neural source of energy. Biomass briquette plant is used as bio fuel and gain unbelievable success in the green field. The state government of Punjab is targeting to produce around 3,000 MW of useful biomass power by putting to use 20lac tones of agricultural residue being generated here every year.

                                   So from all the discussion we can say that biomass briquetting project is Eco friendly, none polluting and proven as best project for environmental solutions. From this project we can reuse wasted material an efficient way. Rural people and farmers can get benefit from this project.

Biomass Briquette Plant is the Fuel Making Technology

Biomass briquette plant is the project of green energy. Through this plant we can make solid fuel from biomass and other devastate material. This plant is the hope for our upcoming generation and our healthy environment.

Biomass Briquetting plant                     There is a current growing demand of briquetting plant to find alternative clean energy sources which can make environment greener. In India, Green waste as a source of energy shows huge potential. Through a compacting process loose raw material like rice husk, bagasse, groundnut shells, almond shells and other organic materials like municipal solid waste can converted into high density biomass briquettes which increase the calorific value of the product as compared to loose material.

Biomass energy is the key factor in Eco friendly and economic development of a country. Biomass briquetting machine plays a crucial role in meeting the current needs of developing countries. Before 19 th century, biomass is either burnt or dumped into sea but currently biomass is use as renewable source of energy. Gas, oil and black coal are non renewable sources of energy.

In brief we can describe, it is machinery which is capable of binding any type of waste into finished products which is known as biomass briquettes.It is a feasible where biomass is avail within the surrounding area and can be available in abundant quantity with cheaper cost. Hence, project should be economical viable. Biomass briquettes have high specific density compared to loose biomass.There is number of biomass briquette manufacturer who makes different types of briquette press or briquetting machines as per their customer’s requirement.

Silent Features of Briquette Plant

  • Outstanding Growth Potentiality
  • High Profitability
  • Extensive variety and simple availability of green waste from various yields
  • Short development and quick returns
  • Employment Potentiality
  • Adaptation of waste material into Hi-tech energy.

The center for environmental studies, CES (Convert Waste into Energy) at Anna University, with a university from Japan held various workshops on biomass. Their whole team discusses about current status and future of renewable energy and will find a new technology like briquette plant which can convert waste into energy.