Biomass Briquette Machine- A Step Towards Green Tomorrow

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We all know that fossil fuel pollutes the environment in man y ways. But demand of that fuel also increasing day by day and sources are limited to satisfy it. Black coal pollutes the environment so as an alternative we should now adopt another option that is use of biomass briquettes.

Biomass briquette is one of the sources which help us to create green environment. Coal, petrol and diesel are non conventional source of energy, so it spread pollution, while briquette is economical and eco-pleasant.

To meet rising demand of energy, many alternatives have been adopted. Among them, biomass briquette is best alternative, which is produced form divested material. Generally, waste material pollutes the environment so briquetting plant through, we can use it efficiently. All the agricultural, industrial and forestry waste collected and compressed under high pressure without using ash so it is binder less technology to make briquettes.

briquette machine

The complete process of conversion is very simple; even a person with small knowledge of it can operate this machine. Due to the agro-based economy of India, this organic material is available for free and in huge quantity.

The need is just to collect the waste and feed that material into biomass briquetting machine has already been installed by maintaining an optimum temperature at the plant. Briquettes are also known as white coal because of its eco-friendly feature.

In village area, electricity is not available easily. So briquetting press machine through, they can manufacturer briquette which is also used for cooking purpose also. In ancient time wood were used as main source of fire but due to that deforestation take place. But biomass briquette is eco-friendly and replaces wood. Briquetting plant project is beneficial for the farmer; they can earn revenue through sell out the waste material of the field.