Biomass Briquette Machine Providing Solution on Environmental Crisis

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                             Got Waste? Then make biomass briquettes now. Biomass briquette press is a specially designed machine for making biomass waste into useful briquette which is a green fuel. Environment pollution is the serious problem of every country and this machine is providing various solutions on the environmental crisis which you can find here.

            Biomass Briquette MachineThe biomass briquette machine can not only be used for making biomass fuel, but also used for solve our environmental problem. I think it is the best way to make our environment cleaner and greener. To make our life more convenient and much better various briquette plant manufacturers are using latest technology to make this machinery with the purpose of earn money and give healthy environment to world.

Manufacturing Process of Biomass Briquetting Machine

  1. All the type of waste or raw materials is gathered and put it into crusher for crushing them into small pieces.
  2.  If the raw material contains 25 to 50 mm then it has to be crushed in the crusher.
  3. The material which contains 01 to 25 mm size then put it into hammer mill for makes powder form of these materials.
  4. Some raw materials contain 10 to 12% moisture then it is necessity to put it into dryer for drying the raw materials.
  5. Then these dried materials are fed into biomass briquette press under large pressure and convert them into biomass briquettes
  6. This whole process is Eco-pleasant because it does not contain any chemical.

                                       Briquetting plant is a newest technology to make briquettes from green waste. It is solution of our environmental problems and used itself as a sustainable and carbon-neural source of energy. Biomass briquette plant is used as bio fuel and gain unbelievable success in the green field. The state government of Punjab is targeting to produce around 3,000 MW of useful biomass power by putting to use 20lac tones of agricultural residue being generated here every year.

                                   So from all the discussion we can say that biomass briquetting project is Eco friendly, none polluting and proven as best project for environmental solutions. From this project we can reuse wasted material an efficient way. Rural people and farmers can get benefit from this project.