Biomass Briquette Plant Is Perfect Replacement Of Coal

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Population is increasing day by day and along with that pollution is also increasing so these both problems is very serious and we have to find out the option to prevent it.  Briquette is trusted source of renewable energy and very demandable source throughout the world. As we know that biomass briquette plant is able to grind any type of raw material and briquettes are economical source of energy so everyone can afford that.

After independence there is large increase in the volume of industries but 40% industrialist using coal which spread pollution. Coal discharge carbon dioxide when it burns, while briquette  is completely eco friendly and do not emit any ash when it burns. So briquette plant manufacturer present this method that how to prevent pollution.

In our daily life thousand tons of divested material is discharged but we do not know that how to treat it so we burnt it, which cause pollution. But briquetting plant through, we can utilize divested material efficiently. The raw material is easily available and is of no shortage. Due to global warming this topic is very hot among environmentalist. If we use coal than it, disturbs environment cycle.

Go green

Advantages of Biomass briquettes:

1)Eco friendly:

The process of briquette manufacturing is completely eco friendly. This briquette is     used to heat industrial boilers and does not spread smoke when it burns.

2)Replace convectional sources:

As we know that briquette is used in every industry and also used for cooking purpose in rural area. So it replaces coal, lignite and other fossil fuels very easily.

3)Binder less technology:

Formation of briquettes through loose divested material is finished by using binder      less technology. There is no need to add ash.

So we can conclude that biomass briquetting press is not only profitable business but it solves many environmental issues.