Biomass Briquetting Is The Best Valuable Project

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Now a day’s pollution is a big issue no one can solve it  because we have no solution that how to prevent it. The main reason behind the increase of pollution is different types of chemical discharge from the factory and another person activity.  Many years ago, there were traditional sources like diesel, wood black  coal and other fuel used but these sources are expensive and also release chemicals in the air, it cause pollution.  So to avoid this problem briquetting press machine is invented.

To make briquettes agricultural residue is most important. In our daily life thousand tons of waste material arise but we do not use it effectively so briquette machine is able to grind any type of raw material and converts into solid fuel. Generally waste contains low density we cannot move it from one place to another place but biomass briquetting plant converts low bulk density material into high density solid fuel.biomass briquettes

This project is also known as renewable project because briquettes are the only alternative which is eco-friendly and does not spread any ash when it is flamming. And this whole project is renewable so the environmental cycle does not disturb.

We all know the energy is the plays significant role in the development of the country and this energy we can get only from the biomass briquetting machine. Price of the petrol, diesel and LPG increase so everyone can not afford that much price so briquettes are most economical and preferable source of energy.

The features of Briquetting Plant:

  1. Maximum production capacity within a short time
  2. Easy operating system so we can avoid the cost of supervision
  3. In this project waste material use maximum so we can reduce greenhouse effect,soil erosion and other many problems.
  4. Biomass briquettes are a non convectional  source of energy and cost effective then black coal.

The main concept of this project is to get maximum output within a short time. Farmers are the backbone of our economy so they can earn revenue from the sell out of waste material. So from the above discussion we can conclude that if we want to stay in eco-friendly atmosphere than implement briquette plant is necessary.