Use Of Biomass Briquettes As An Alternative Source

Briquetting machine is alternative source of biofuel. Bio fuel means it is made from organic material so this is a completely renewable source of energy. If ones it is finished then we can produce it through the same process. So every industry is switched over to use on a Briquetting machine for heating purpose.

Current Energy emergency:

In the present age, the development of the economy of a developing country depends wholly on its domestic and global industry. It would be suitable to mention that in the perspective of the prevailing energy crisis, fuel from biomass briquetting plant is the perfect replacement for the conventional sources of black coal and charcoal which are used for generation of power.

Biomass Briquette Plant

 Consumption of Biomass Fuels:

Biomass fuels consist of bio fuel briquettes where a briquette is a solid block of unpredictable material and is used as a source of fuel to generate heat and maintain it for a substantial time till it is useful. Briquettes are available in any shape we can make it as per our requirement some of the most general kinds of briquettes are biomass briquettes and charcoal briquettes. Briquetting machine is not only used for industrial boilers it is also used for other use also. For gigantic industrial boilers briquettes are economical than black coal.

 Production of Biomass Briquettes:

Biomass briquettes are made   through briquetting plant from agricultural wastes, jute waste rice husk and other organic material. All material collected and compressed under high pressure without the use of any chemical. So briquettes are ideal replacement for conservative energy sources like black coal and fossil fuel.

One of the advantages of Briquetting machine is that they are renewable sources of energy while keep away from fossil carbon to be released into the environment thus creating a clean and pollution free environment.



Use Of Biomass Briquettes Can Save The Future Environment

There are many renewable sources like solar energy, wind energy and biomass energy. Among that biomass energy is one of the most important source of energy, now a day’s price of the fuel is increasing and supply of that is also limited so there is huge gap between demand and supply of the fuel. So biomass briquette machine through we can make fuel which is best alternative of coal and lignite. Coal spread pollution in the sit but briquettes are ecological and does not make pollution when it burns.

Briquette plant is a simple technology that converts waste into solid fuel. It is a project of gaining energy from waste material. Briquette plant is the cleanest way to produce the white coal briquettes with 100% pollution briquettes. Loose biomass and waste is converted into solid briquettes without adding any binder or sulfur.

save environment

Another advantage of using briquette is that it follows pollution control technique and briquette press binds the raw material and make briquettes without any external component so it binder less technology. Hence we can say that converting of biomass in to briquettes requires only high pressure. India is agriculture based country so availability of raw material is obviously higher. So it is easy to start our own briquette plant.

Therefore the demand of the briquette is increasing now a days and in developing country many industries now prefer briquettes instead of coal. It’s easy to set up a briquette plant as compared to traditional fuels. Hence briquettes plant is the best way to reuse the garbage material and it certainly helps us to create a green planet.

So we can say that briquetting plant is ultimately solution to create a green earth and it provides abundance source of energy.


Use Biomass Briquettes To Keep Environment Clean

Biomass energy derived from organic material like industrial waste, house hold waste and agricultural waste. Generally waste material we ignore and either burn it or dumped into sea so it causes pollution.  So instead of burnt divested material we should use it in the form of biomass energy which is best renewable source of energy. Now a day’s environmental pollution is increasing day by day so use of biomass briquettes is best option.

Divested material contains low density so we cannot move it from one place to another place but biomass briquette plant converts loose biomass into high density solid fuel in the form of briquettes. These briquettes have high caloric value and also have high burning efficiency.

Briquettes replace black coal, kerosene and other fossil fuels so it helps to keep environment clean. Biomass energy comes from any renewable organic matter that can be burnt to generate heat or electricity. Biomass power is an important source of energy.

biomass briquettes

    Due to industrialization there is constantly increase in the pollution so as alternative biomass briquettes is the best source of energy. No one can deny from the fact that industries helps to achieve high national growth but along with that pollution also increase so briquettes avoid that problem.

Fuel is prime need for the industry without fuel we cannot imagine the world and need of the fuel increasing day by day. In some area people are not still aware about the use of biomass briquettes and use black coal to heat industrial boilers and it is the reason behind increasing the pollution.

Importance of biomass energy:

  • Biomass energy offers significant possibilities for reducing greenhouse effect.
  • Biomass briquettes replace black coal, kerosene and diesel.
  • Maximum waste management can be possible.
  • Biomass briquette machine has a high capacity to turn waste into solid fuels.

So we can sum up that biomass briquette is one of the source which prevents pollution and helps to keep environment clean and prosperous.

Biomass Briquette Machine Providing Solution on Environmental Crisis

                             Got Waste? Then make biomass briquettes now. Biomass briquette press is a specially designed machine for making biomass waste into useful briquette which is a green fuel. Environment pollution is the serious problem of every country and this machine is providing various solutions on the environmental crisis which you can find here.

            Biomass Briquette MachineThe biomass briquette machine can not only be used for making biomass fuel, but also used for solve our environmental problem. I think it is the best way to make our environment cleaner and greener. To make our life more convenient and much better various briquette plant manufacturers are using latest technology to make this machinery with the purpose of earn money and give healthy environment to world.

Manufacturing Process of Biomass Briquetting Machine

  1. All the type of waste or raw materials is gathered and put it into crusher for crushing them into small pieces.
  2.  If the raw material contains 25 to 50 mm then it has to be crushed in the crusher.
  3. The material which contains 01 to 25 mm size then put it into hammer mill for makes powder form of these materials.
  4. Some raw materials contain 10 to 12% moisture then it is necessity to put it into dryer for drying the raw materials.
  5. Then these dried materials are fed into biomass briquette press under large pressure and convert them into biomass briquettes
  6. This whole process is Eco-pleasant because it does not contain any chemical.

                                       Briquetting plant is a newest technology to make briquettes from green waste. It is solution of our environmental problems and used itself as a sustainable and carbon-neural source of energy. Biomass briquette plant is used as bio fuel and gain unbelievable success in the green field. The state government of Punjab is targeting to produce around 3,000 MW of useful biomass power by putting to use 20lac tones of agricultural residue being generated here every year.

                                   So from all the discussion we can say that biomass briquetting project is Eco friendly, none polluting and proven as best project for environmental solutions. From this project we can reuse wasted material an efficient way. Rural people and farmers can get benefit from this project.