Biomass Briquettes Machine Through Progress Of Rural Area Is Possible

In today’s world the importance of renewable energy is increasing day by day because each nation face the problem of pollution and no one have solution of it. So briquette plant manufacturer try to contribute their share towards the protection of mother earth. Biomass briquette is simple process to make solid fuel from waste material.

Fuel is the prime need for nay industry without fuel no one can sustain. With the increase in population, demand of the fuel is increasing but sources are limited to satisfy it so biomass briquetting plant is one of the trusted source of energy through which we can make solid fuel which replace coal and diesel.

Supply of fuel is limited but demand of the fuel is increasing so there is gap between demand and supply of fuel but briquettes fill that gap and provide abundance source of energy which is economical and eco-friendly.biomass briquette machine

India is agriculture based country so availability of raw material is higher and we can make briquettes easily. In industries daily some chemical process take place and divested material is discharged but we do not know that how to use it so we either burnt it or destroy it which cause pollution but briquetting press machine through we can make solid fuel.

All the divested material fed into briquette machine and squashed under high pressure without using ash so it is eco-friendly process to make briquettes.Fuel made from briquette machine can be used in various sector and offer following advantages like:

  • Eco-pleasant  and renewable source of energy
  • Economical than the conventional source of energy.
  • The blazing efficiency of briquette is higher than coal.
  • Due to increasing the price of fuel briquettes are high in demand.
  • Briquette does not spread smoke when it burns.

So we can say that briquetting plant is the option through which we can achieve progress of rural area because in rural are LPG and electricity is not available easily so briquette plant through high national growth and industrial growth can be possible.



Enhance Your Profitability Through Briquetting Plant

In today’s picture, environmental and recycled products are very popular due to green house effect and increase percentage in pollution worldwide. The entire world is terribly wounding for ways to make healthier use of the earth’s natural properties. Briquette machine is a stable source for production of eco friendly products in form of fuel.

The discovery of briquetting press machine have made a mark in this industry and contributed a lot in this nature protection program. These machines are basically used to deal with waste material emitted by many industries after the process of product manufacturing has been completed.

Reputed Briquetting plant Manufacturers like Radhe Industrial Corporation and some others have taken the responsibility to manufacture these machines as well as several equipments to treat with industrial waste.

In our daily life thousand tons of waste material release but we do not know that how to use it so we either burnt it of destroy it inefficiently which cause land and air pollution. But biomass briquetting plant is one of the way through which we can utilize waste efficiently.

Briquetting Plant

Industrial waste, agricultural waste and forestry waste collected and compressed under high pressure without using ash. So it is eco-pleasant technology to make solid fuel from waste.

Fuel is prime need for the any industry, without fuel we cannot expect the world. Due to increase in population demand of the fuel increases but sources are limited to satisfy it so there is gap between demand and supply of fuel. So briquetting plant fills this gape and one of the best alternative through which we obtain economical solid fuel.

There are some advantages of using briquetting machine like:

  1. Reduce green house effect
  2. Appropriate for any industries
  3. As it is made from waste material so, no need to worry about pollution.
  4. If anyone want to install own briquetting plant then Gov.. provide easy loan at low rate.

So set up briquetting plant to get advantages of it.


Biomass Briquette Machine- A Step Towards Green Tomorrow

We all know that fossil fuel pollutes the environment in man y ways. But demand of that fuel also increasing day by day and sources are limited to satisfy it. Black coal pollutes the environment so as an alternative we should now adopt another option that is use of biomass briquettes.

Biomass briquette is one of the sources which help us to create green environment. Coal, petrol and diesel are non conventional source of energy, so it spread pollution, while briquette is economical and eco-pleasant.

To meet rising demand of energy, many alternatives have been adopted. Among them, biomass briquette is best alternative, which is produced form divested material. Generally, waste material pollutes the environment so briquetting plant through, we can use it efficiently. All the agricultural, industrial and forestry waste collected and compressed under high pressure without using ash so it is binder less technology to make briquettes.

briquette machine

The complete process of conversion is very simple; even a person with small knowledge of it can operate this machine. Due to the agro-based economy of India, this organic material is available for free and in huge quantity.

The need is just to collect the waste and feed that material into biomass briquetting machine has already been installed by maintaining an optimum temperature at the plant. Briquettes are also known as white coal because of its eco-friendly feature.

In village area, electricity is not available easily. So briquetting press machine through, they can manufacturer briquette which is also used for cooking purpose also. In ancient time wood were used as main source of fire but due to that deforestation take place. But biomass briquette is eco-friendly and replaces wood. Briquetting plant project is beneficial for the farmer; they can earn revenue through sell out the waste material of the field.


Briquetting Plant Project

Biomass briquettes are created from forest leaves, plants, agriculture waste and industrial waste. It is renewable source which came from devastated materials that can be reinstated. Briquetting plant can decrease the burden on the steady reduction of fossil fuels.

Briquetting PlantNowadays briquette plant is in high demand in terms of environment protection. We can create sustainable, cleaner and safer world from using fuel briquettes. Bio fuel is made from industrial waste and plants. So we don’t need money to make this fuel and by this we can get eco friendly atmosphere. Biomass fuel can avail in liquid, oil and gas form.

Biodiesel is the best example of liquid bio fuel. Bio fuel has increased in popularity cause of the rising fuel price and energy security. Today, fuel price is very high so people have to use this bio fuel because it is made from biomass conversion which is keep environment clean and free.

In these days people can use biomass in many processes, so it is the preferable choice of everyone. From this biomass we can get biofuel, energy, steam and heat. Briquetting plants are also invented by biomass. This plant is also conversion of industrial devastate and raw material. This makes surrounding clean and pollution free.

From this Briquetting plants Industrialist makes Briquetting machine which manufactured different types of briquettes in a convenient way. In the market, Different types of briquetting machines are available. Jumbo 90 briquetting machine and Super-70 briquetting machine is best briquetting machine which can make briquette easily. These briquettes are used in paper mill, ceramic unit, spinning mill, leather industry, Rubber industry and so on…

For keeping the environment clean, we should use this briquette machinery and bio-fuel.  Biomass briquettes are any day cost effective than coal briquettes they do not release any sulphur. It is because of these advantages that many now favour to institute briquetting plant due to its enormous benefits and reward. Furthermore easy continuation also contributes towards the scene of the briquetting machine manufacturers. Briquetting machine price varies from manufacturers to manufacturers. Briquetting machine price can also be looked upon internet and buyers can compare the prices to find the best deal for themselves.


Biomass Briquetting Plant

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In India, it would be significant to mention that biomass and any other trash holds a major relevance in installing briquetting plant in India which produces bio fuel which is certainly the renewable source of fuel to replace the natural fuel source of coal and charcoal.

Manufactures of Briquetting Plants and Machines

There are large number of briquetting machine manufacturers and exporters who are engaged in the manufacturer of briquetting machines. Briquetting machines are known as briquette press, also. These manufacturers are capable in the briquetting machine design to offer their customers optimum performance. Briquette machine manufacturers are also considered to be briquetting plant suppliers or briquetting machine exporters. The briquetting plant generates a fuel that produces an ideal substitute for the conventional fuels. Another use of briquetting plant and machine is in manufacturing industries such as kilns, boilers, furnaces and so on.

Function of Briquetting Plant

A Briquetting plant is required basically for the conversion of waste collected from forestry, industries and agriculture in a bio fuel that is cylindrical in shape which is acquired through the use of high pressure without the use of any type of chemical. Now days, India has set up many briquetting plant in last five years.

A briquetting machine produces solid fuel from green or industrial waste and has proved to be more economical than pellet machine. There is a two model one is jumbo 90 briquetting machine and another is super 70 briquetting machine which can grind any type of raw materials like bagasse, cotton salk, groundnut shells and so on.

Advantages of Bio Fuel

Further biomass briquettes prevent the fossil fuel from being a part of the atmosphere which is major change in the industrial sector where there is a widespread use of briquettes instead of fossil fuel and other expensive fuel to saving the cost. Thus, Bio fuel has been growing in demand and widely used in developing countries.

Briquetting plant is the best use of biomass and it is a best way through which we can sustains in future. So, briquetting machine is sustainable source of energy.


Briquetting Plant

  • High profitability on investment
  • Short gestation and quick pay back
  • 100% Depreciation on plant and machineries during first year.
  • NO pollution as it does not emit phosphorous and Sulphur fumes and contains law ash content

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We are pleased to introduce you to Rahdhe Industrial Corporation and its products. Since its inception in 1994, Radhe Industrial Corporation has been a pioneer in manufacturing of Briquetting Plants. First-generation entrepreneur Mr. Prakash A. Patel laid the foundation stone for Radhe Industrial Corporation under his visionary and dynamic leadership in 1994. From the time when RICO’s foundation stone was laid till now, it has achieved number of milestones under his adept leadership, including successful installation and operation of over 250 briquetting plants. For the company, customer satisfaction and quality is delivered through rigorous R & D, strict production quality and easy installation with excellent aftersales service.