Briquettes Are Best To Use Instead Of Polluted Black Coal

Many of the developing countries produce huge quantities of but they are used inefficiently causing extensive pollution to the environment. The major residues are rice husk, coffee husk, coir pith, jute sticks, bagasse, groundnut shells, mustard stalks and cotton stalks, sawdust, a milling residue is also available in huge quantity. Apart from the problems of transportation, storage, and handling, the direct burning of loose biomass in conventional grates is associated with very low thermal efficiency and widespread air pollution.

Biomass briquetting process in this situation has come as a rescue. This renewable source of energy is one of the best solutions for climate change. It makes a perfect alternative of natural fuel like gas, lignite, black coal etc., as it does not create any pollution. This is one of the greatest contributors in environment protection process.

Briquettes From Briquetting machine

In this technique, renewable energy is got from waste material. In short this is also a waste recycling technique, where agro waste is used to produce briquettes, which are further used as fuel. Waste in almost all the industries including agriculture is considered to be useless and dumped here and there or just burnt. No matter in which way the waste is dumped, it creates pollution. Biomass briquette press is the technique that properly utilizes the waste.

Briquettes are the green alternative of charcoal, logs and other fuel for low income groups as well as industries, which have to incur huge costs of furnace fuels. This also enables the companies to take a step towards corporate social responsibility (CSR) and protect the environment. They not only put a check on carbon emission, but also save trees by offering an alternative fuel as biomass briquettes.

From the above discussion we can say that briquetting plant project is very beneficial for environment and industrialist. So the conclusion is that briquettes are the best to use instead of polluted black coal.

Bio Coal Briquettes An Overview

Bio Coal Briquetting is the method of converting agricultural waste into high density and energy determined fuel briquettes. Bio Coal Briquetting plant is of different sizes which converts agricultural waste into solid fuels. Briquettes are ready replacement of Coal/wood in industrial boiler and brick kiln for thermal function. Biomass briquette press is the substitute of charcoal and lignite.

Bio coal briquettes are non-conventional source of energy; it is renewable in nature and not pollutes the environment in any way. It is prepared from agriculture forestry and industrial waste, the whole process does not pollute the environment. There is no need to add any chemical or sulphur.

That is why this plant is the more preferable source to produce energy as compared to others. In each country, there is a huge amount of waste produced while manufacturing process, so we should utilize this waste and convert it into solid fuel.

Briquettes From Briquetting machine

Need for briquette press machine is enhancing day by day because middle class people cannot afford the price of fossil fuel. Briquettes have high specific solidity (1200 Kg/m3) and bulk solids (800 Kg/m3) compared to just 60 to 180 Kg/m3 of movable Bio Coal. Loading/unloading and transportation costs are much less and storage requirement is severely reduced.

Compared to fire wood or slack Bio Coal, briquettes give much higher boiler competence because of low dampness and higher density. And bio coal Briquetting plant consisted high efficiency at the time of burning and no fly ash create.

Radhe Industrial Corporation is prominent name in the field of manufacturing best briquetting machine. So we can say that briquetting plant manufacturer contribute their share towards the green planet.


Biomass Briquette Is A Best Renewable Solution To Pollution

Demand of fuel is increasing because it is our prime need.  But price of the fuel is increasing and supply is also limited so we have to find solution of it. So to overcome with this problem briquette plant manufacturer present a latest technique that is biomass briquettes.

Biomass briquette is made from agricultural and industrial waste with the help of biomass briquette machine. All the divested material collected and compressed under high pressure without using ash, so it is best renewable solution.

Every country is thinking about the major problem that is pollution. Excessive use of coal and petrol causes pollution so biomass briquette replaces all fossil fuels and offer renewable source of energy. In our daily life thousand tons of waste material is discharged but we do not know that how to use it so we burnt or destroy it but briquette plant converts all waste material into solid fuel which is further used to heat industrial boilers.

renewable solution

Bio energy plant is used to produce best class and good mass fuel briquettes from agricultural waste like timber chip, sawdust, rice husk, wheat straw and other loose biomass material. Biomass Briquetting can be definite as the course of exchanges low vastness density biomass into high thickness and power determined fuel briquetting plant India.

This briquette is used to heat industrial boilers. Certain industries like ceramic industry, chemicals, milk industry, food processing industry and many others are using briquettes instead of coal. Binder less technology is used in briquetting press machine so it ensures that it is commercially viable, easy to maintain and technology automatic so we can avoid operating cost.

Biomass briquette is convectional source of energy and renewable in nature. If once finished we can make it again. Process of converting loose biomass into solid fuel is eco pleasant so it is 100% natural.

Biomass Briquetting Plant Is Expedient Source Of Energy

A new method invented for energy in an economical way is called the biomass briquettes. Basically it is manufactured from the agriculture waste, which can be used in place of Coal. Hence, it is also known as White Coal.  Pollution and energy conservation are the two major hurdles. So to overcome with this problem briquette plant manufacturer present a new technique that is biomass briquette machine.

The manufacturing of the briquettes from the loose agriculture waste materials can also stop the deforestation in rural areas, as the people in the rural area use the wood for fuel from their nearby forests.It can be said that biomass briquettes are eco friendly because briquettes are produced from the live agriculture waste. It is economical, eco friendly and also cheaper compared to the coals.

renewbale source

We must stop using regular coals and switch over to the Briquettes for our and nature’s benefit as well.Today, briquetting plants are available in almost every states of India, so, it will be easy for anyone to get the briquettes from anywhere around India. Briquette plant through we can make briquette which replace coal and lignite. Another thing is that briquette plant is made with modern technology so manpower requirement can be avoided which save operational cost.

We get thousand tons of loose biomass in our daily life but we do not know that how to use it but biomass briquetting press through we can utilize it. All the divested material collected and compressed under high pressure without using ash so it is binder less technology.  It is known for its superb quality like low consumption power, silent operations, high production capacity and enduringness.

Radhe Industrial Corporation has been in the business of manufacturing biomass briquette machine from two decades. So set up briquette machine and create a green tomorrow.


Biomass Energy Contribute To Create Green Environment

With the increase in population, the demand of the energy is increasing but sources are limited to fulfil it that is why shortage prevails. So to avoid this problem biomass briquettes are found by briquetting plant manufacturer. To get energy from biomass briquettes is one of the best alternatives   and also economical then black coal. There is question arise in our mind that what is briquettes? So answer is simple briquettes are made from organic and divested material.

There are many reasons to use briquettes. In our daily life thousand tons of waste material release but we do not know that how to use it and burnt it in the air so it cause pollution. But biomass briquette machine through we can utilize it efficiently. All the divested material discharge from industries, agriculture and forestry ,waste collected and compressed under high pressure without using chemical  so it is also known as binder less technology to make briquettes.

biomass briquetting

 After independence, there is vast growth of industries is going on so definitely demand of the fuel increase. The price of the petrol, diesel and  black coal increase day by day but sources are limited so there is a gap between demand and sources so biomass briquettes fill that gap and offer economical solid fuel which helps to create carbon free environment. Black coal and other fossil fuel spread carbon in the air while it is burning while briquettes do not spread carbon or ash in the air so it is eco-friendly.

Biomass briquetting  plant is best to make briquettes. Because if we burn loose biomass in the air, it causes pollution while briquette plant through raw material is compressed in proper manner and as and output briquettes are available in logs which are cylindrical in shape. Briquettes replace all type of fuel and especially wood. In rural area wood is used for fire and for cooking purpose so number of forest decreases but briquettes through we can save wood.

Biomass Briquette

Bio energy briquette press is used to manufacture best class and good mass bio briquettes from agro-forestry waste like timber flakes, sawdust, rice husk, wheat straw and other biomass material. These briquetting plants are used in certain industries extensively such as ceramic and refractory industry, chemicals, milk plants, lamination industries, food processing industries, leather industry, textile units and brick making units. Binder less technology is used in Briquette press that ensures it is commercially viable, it is easy to operate and maintain and the technology is accepted globally.

Biomass Briquettes used as Fuel

Some fuel from biomass tends to fuse together better than other biomass. Sawdust is an especially suitable feedstock for pelleting because the lignin that is naturally present in the wood acts as a glue to hold the pellet together. Briquette press helps processing of the material in pieces of geometrically regular and uniform in each case form, almost same mass.

Energy Recovery from Biomass using Briquette Press Technology

This research was to design a Briquette Press to produce biomass briquette fuel by a Briquetting process, and to investigate its performance in terms of production rate and specific energy consumption in echo friendly way.

Briquette biomass, mostly made of green waste and other organic materials, are commonly used for electricity generation, heat, and cooking fuel. These compressed compounds contain various organic materials, including rice husk, biogases, ground nut shells, municipal solid waste, agricultural waste, or anything that contains high nitrogen content. The composition of the Briquette biomass varies by area due to the availability of raw materials.

Bio Briquette Fuel from waste

Two of the major environmental and social issues facing humankind today are waste-disposal and bringing heat to the poorest people on earth. Since at the moment no one can produce wastes that are of both ecological and moral importance, industries are requested to convert wastes into circuit of energy as much as possible. It is possible for everyone to have his own renewable source of heat from local and cheap materials

The primary source for heating and food preparation in the developing world is wood, and millions spend a good part of each day chopping and gathering wood to heat their homes, boil water and cook with. Briquette Press that would reduce the need for fuel wood and create a source of fuel from a renewable resource.

Bio Briquette

When biomass is obtained as briquette it can be used in mechanical and production industries where boilers are used. By the means of these boilers electricity is produced from steam. Even some of the countries are solely dependent on bio briquette to generate electricity. The most common use of the briquettes is in the developing countries, where energy sources are not as widely available. There has been a move to the use of biomass briquettes in the developed world through the use of cofiring, when the briquettes are combined with coal in order to create the heat supplied to the boiler.