Biomass Briquetting

Biomass Briquetting is the process of converting low bulk density biomass into high density and energy concentrated fuel briquettes. Biomass Briquetting plant are of various sizes which converts biomass into solid fuels. Briquettes are ready substitute of Coal/wood in industrial boiler and brick kiln for thermal application. Biomass briquettes are Non conventional Source of energy, Renewable in nature, Eco friendly, non polluting and economical. Process of converting biomass to solid fuel is also non-polluting.

Having a point of view to provide helpful solutions to improve requirement for regular energy sources, these types of organizations are Biomass Briquetting machines manufacturers or supplier, Biomass Briquetting machines exporters, as well as importer of Biomass Briquetting factories and Biomass Briquetting machines. These products are usually commonly used from the farming field and help with conserving the character Mother Land to a great scope.